Oh I don’t hate men, please no

It’s just that sometimes I dream

Of stabbing them in their throats

And chopping it off their thighs

Accidentally spilling acid on them

And gouging out their eyes

And leaving the bodies to writhe and die

It’s nothing personal, just that I

Can’t help myself at times

When they’re simply asking for it

Those egotistical pieces of shit

But oh I don’t hate men, no

Not all men

Fair Maiden


Her voice
when flows
Flows like honey trickling down a warm picnic toast

Her eyes
When smile
Carry the suns that when set, drown in rivers divine

Her hair
When flies
Paints a trickle of belief and hope in these eyes

Her lips
When cry
A thousand heavens break down to light the sky

Her hands
When dance
Weave a tapestry in air, threads in all shades of joy

Her silence
It echoes
In empty dreams of desire

A damsel
Goes to show
Need naught but beauty for survival

Fair Maiden fear not life’s ugly facade
For your existence is but a poem to devour


Hear them, when they say
You are nothing but a disgrace
The weight you carry
Grows everyday
Along with your bod
Rotting away
Such a disgrace
To the society
For you carry a child
From a man
Who’d had a little fun that day
Should’ve known better
Than to dress that way
And walk alone at night
Alone in a pumped man’s way
Now you carry the weight
Of the sin
Which you committed that day
By asking for it
With your provocative ways
Such a disgrace