There’s a small blackhole hanging over existence when i see it from here.
Between us.
A thin glass wall, thinner than the thread holding back an un-uttered word, a force field fortified by hesitant glances.
The more i try to break it down, the stronger it gets.
Thickens. thicker than the thought of all that could go wrong.
More impenetrable than the solid block of air in between.
I get a heart that cant seem to pause between beats
If i reach out to touch, maybe it would shatter, like an illusion of fate.
If my finger tips were to graze the tapestry of time, maybe it’ll turn to dust like a moth-ridden blanket held together only by blind beliefs, draped over nothingness
If i touch,
Only if i reach out.
Just a small movement of the hand. a twirl of the fingers, and it could all fall.
One touch. traversing all odds
Tearing through all forces of nature that stand in between.



What is it that you have

coursing in your veins

some magnet or a fire

that flushes your face

what that does to my body

i can’t begin to explain

what you do to my body

i can’t ever anticipate

one look and my heart melts

scarlet drips inside the edges of my ribs

my lungs betray me and my breath sinks

my eyes always fall to the curve of your lips

i would give anything to feel you just once

one look from you and i get weak

my mind only yearns the taste of you

to feel the warmth of your chest

and the warmth of your breath

on my neck

you’re an obsession i’d like to never cure

your smile plays in my mind like a flower in bloom

do you even realize the effect you have on me



Easy Art

I had rendered it impossibe

But you seem to have had passed

I thought it as the strangest thing

For a person to feel like art

Every quote that ever went

Along the lines of love

Felt to have fallen out of a fool’s fantasy

Too warm to break the ice in this heart

But when you lent me some of your light

The darkest parts of me grew roses

How did you do it, what a rude impasse

I look at you like I would look at the stars

The same wonder fills my gaze

How did you carve your place in my heart?

Should you be punished for such a crime

Or should I just spend the next few minutes

Locking in the memory of you, the scent of your being

The way your lock falls on your brow

Or the way you blush when we touch

Or the way your sweat lines the edges of your jaw 

Or how tears line your cheekbones when you look at children

Look at me already staring too long

I wish we could say out loud what went on in our heads

If only it was as easy as the love quotes make it sound

Haiku: Love

My love for you flows
Like waterfalls through the pores
Of my skin and soul

I let you in whole
Inhaled the beauty of your being
And memorized you

Should my love lie bare
On the floor one day, among shards
Of a broken heart

And you let go like
Sand trickling out of the vaults
That you broke into

I clean bits of you
Off my shattered mind and soul
And remind myself

My love for you flows
Like a swelling river that
In abundance floods

An Ode to The Ocean


You beautiful monster
Drifting careful in a slumber
Deeper than your thunder, how?
You deadly lover
Riding warriors on your back
Giver of life
Your ripples of anger
Setting in action only destruction
You magnanimous creature of wonder
Your waters a thing of horror
Where do you keep your love
Does it come and then leave
Like your tides on days of glee
Where do you keep your love
Your barren surface deludes my ignorant, how?
Shall I bow down?
Your towers of liquid, send my blood to shivers
In these fragile bones, my heart booms
With warnings and rules
Your belly is a “valley of doom”
But I see no doom, how?
You astounding monster,
Sitting in the eye of the storm you conjure
You’re the chaos inside of a silent calm, how?
You show me blue
Another trick you use
To lure and seduce
Don’t seduce my mind
You know not how it weaves poetry for you
You’re the lover I want to deny
I run my fingers through
The liquid death you brew
And like the sun that you engulf
I long for you to embrace me too
Hold me in your arms
And give me the love you hide
Kiss my forhead and my mind
Envy burns in me when the sun or the wind touches you at night
You’re so beautiful when you sleep
What a perfect harmony You and I would be
I see no death in you
Only longing and a muse, how?




On 23rd of June in the summer of 1992

You asked me what my favourite colour was

I looked at the blood red sunset view

And I looked at your blood red BMW

I looked at my sundress and matching red shoes

I looked at your cheeks, they were red too

And I looked at the red oozing from your fresh wounds

I saw it drip from the tips of a broken wine bottle

Jagged shards holding dregs of blood and booze

The tie that you wore, too, had a blotchy red hue

And so did your face when it choked you

As I slid the broken glass into you

And like a missed train I saw your breath leave you

On 23rd of June in 1992

You asked me what my favourite colour was

And I told you it was blue

And I had lied to you

It was red that I craved, not an ugly blue

That reminds me of you or your icy eyes

Or the oceans or blueberries or the skies

Or of our little blue cottage in Peru

Or any other memory of you

I had buried long ago deep beneath

All the red rage you left in my blue little dreams

Had you asked me in the summer of 2000 instead

I’d have told you my favourite colour is red.


They said it is youth
That has brought them close
This phase better pass with age
Or God’s wrath would soon ensue

They said it was childishness
Gone out of control
When they caught them exchanging
Secret rendezvous

They said it was foolish
To think such love would last
Such lovers don’t get to live past
One playful night, maybe two

They said it was the demons
Allowing such trangression
When they found smiles transfixed
Upon bodies left entangled

Of two men in love
Gunshots on each head, guns in each hand


Tears dare slide
Down rosy cheeks
Only weaklings weep
Where is your mask?
Put it back on
This is your face
Caress it
To cry is to feel
And to feel is to fall

Straighten that neck
Nose in the air
Fire in your eyes
Rod up that spine
To bend is to beg
And to beg is to fall

Perfect that walk
Not a walk, its a dance
Dance, you are a swan.
Suitors line up
Look how they chase you
Let them crave you
Then break their hearts
To love is to cede
And to cede is to fall