Last night I dreamt of a flood. Noah’s flood. It had engulfed the whole of earth, with only a handful of survivors. No one that i would know survived, no one from the family, none of my friends, not one familiar face. I remember waking up from my hiding place and i saw water everywhere. There were remnants of a past human existence scattered in the scenery here and there, half a broken house, a few trees, no cattle. It felt like Ranipur, if you took away all signs of life. As if civilization has been birthed again and i was chosen to be a part of it. Like God wanted me to have a second chance at life. A reincarnation. I try to help the people around me, run errands for them, fetch them food and water. Everyone seems to be recovering from a long sleep. These people weren’t exceptionally pious. They seemed conflicted by normal human dilemmas, they had a very natural response to emotions and problems, they had no wisdom, no higher understanding of the mind, like the easily mould-able proletariat. They were simple and i saw myself as one of them. It occurs to me that we all survived by staying inside inflatable balloons of sorts when the floods came. And now after staying hidden we’ve come out to clear skies and sea everywhere. It feels more like we were hiding rather than sheltering ourselves, hiding from a higher power, maybe even God? I don’t know. It seemed too easy for the all-knowing to not have noticed he missed out a few while wiping out the entire earth.

I never see the flood coming, i just wake up in the dream, inside my balloon, with no memory of the past or how long i stayed in. The mood is not chaotic either, it’s more like a purge. A cleanse of sorts. Life flourishes better now. Things are more beautiful now. The flood was a need.


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