I see you shy away

And retreat your eyes to your feet

Hands in pockets, heart on sleeve

Head buzing with an inner monologue

I wish i could see the thoughts that go down in your dreams

Be able to see just an ounce of what you hide underneath

I stare at you in disbelief

Maybe its true, maybe gods do walk the earth

Or are you an angel that fell and decided to stay

I feel like I’ve known you for an eternity

Your head lifts and our eyes meet

It feels like looking in a mirror

Behind your armour of indifference

I see a human, flesh and blood, mortal

With a heart bursting with emotion,

Hardened by the past, or is it by fear of what is to come?

Like a river that runs down a hundred miles to find its shore

Maybe we were destined to meet

Or maybe we’ve already met in a past life,

And this is us remembering parts of it

This time it’s me who looks away

I remind myself, you’re still a stranger

And destiny is a thing of fantasies

I walk away, but in my heart i know

If we were to ever touch

It would be like two stars colliding

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