Orwellian Possibilities 

I know I was supposed to be reading first the books I put in my 2017 reading list but I just couldn’t resist reading George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four because I just fell in love when I read the first page.

The dystopian–or more conveniently Orwellian– plot is set in a post-war London that has been taken over by America, presumably after the First World War. The world is divided into three super powers–Eurassia, Eastasia and Oceania– that are constantly in a state of war in order to establish themselves as the strongest state, when in reality neither can defeat the other, even if two states fight as allies against one. The people live under what I can vaguely describe as a twisted, anarchic form of socialist totalitarianism called Ingsoc (English Socialism). The novel is mostly Anti-Stahlin and mocks at the dark side of Socialism and all the ways it can go wrong (cue forced-labour camps).

What really draws the reader is the possibility that this conditioning and hypnosis (or doublethink as Orwell calls it) could be prevalent in our present day society in an alarmingly subtle way. The Party slogan in Orwell’s dysfunctional world says WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.

The people are said to have committed thoughtcrime if they even think ill of the Party or their leader Big Brother. The people are caught eventually by the Thought Police, even if they suppress their anti-government opinions because under the stress they talk in their sleep at one point. Or they commit suicide before the Thought Police can get to them, fearing their brutal punishments. Telescreens are a norm in every room of every house, office and street, whence the people are under constant scrutiny. Even an unconcious look of dismay is noted and questioned. People learn to plaster a grin on their faces and shut their emotions from showing.

People are brainwashed to believe that Big Brother is their saviour and worship him for dragging the people out of the dark days, where the capitalist swines ruled and the poor were trampled upon. The irony lies where the same is happening in Big Brother’s new world order, only the people are too blind to see it. The kids are enrolled to become Spies as soon as they learn how to speak, and they end up spying on their own parents for possible thoughtcrime.

Primal human instincts are continuosly suppressed. Food is bland and minimal, cheap cigarettes and synthetic gin is how people survive the workload. Anti-Sex scouts wipe out the concept of affection towards the opposite sex from a young age, producing impregnable women and hungry men. Falling in love is looked down upon as an act of the uncivilized “proles”. The only purpose of marriage ought to be to produce offspring who will later serve the Party. Half the population goes barefoot. Figures and statistics are distorted and “corrected” to make people believe that the economy has been only growing and swelling every day. One day the chocolate ration is announced to have been reduced, the next day is an announcement where Big Brother who cares so much for his people, has increased the ration, and everyone buys it.

The concept of war in the book is shown as a national obsession– a source of extreme patriotism and passionate loathing for the other countries. So what are the chances that we too are today living in a prematurely Orwellian society?



Oh I don’t hate men, please no

It’s just that sometimes I dream

Of stabbing them in their throats

And chopping it off their thighs

Accidentally spilling acid on them

And gouging out their eyes

And leaving the bodies to writhe and die

It’s nothing personal, just that I

Can’t help myself at times

When they’re simply asking for it

Those egotistical pieces of shit

But oh I don’t hate men, no

Not all men

An Ode to The Ocean


You beautiful monster
Drifting careful in a slumber
Deeper than your thunder, how?
You deadly lover
Riding warriors on your back
Giver of life
Your ripples of anger
Setting in action only destruction
You magnanimous creature of wonder
Your waters a thing of horror
Where do you keep your love
Does it come and then leave
Like your tides on days of glee
Where do you keep your love
Your barren surface deludes my ignorant, how?
Shall I bow down?
Your towers of liquid, send my blood to shivers
In these fragile bones, my heart booms
With warnings and rules
Your belly is a “valley of doom”
But I see no doom, how?
You astounding monster,
Sitting in the eye of the storm you conjure
You’re the chaos inside of a silent calm, how?
You show me blue
Another trick you use
To lure and seduce
Don’t seduce my mind
You know not how it weaves poetry for you
You’re the lover I want to deny
I run my fingers through
The liquid death you brew
And like the sun that you engulf
I long for you to embrace me too
Hold me in your arms
And give me the love you hide
Kiss my forhead and my mind
Envy burns in me when the sun or the wind touches you at night
You’re so beautiful when you sleep
What a perfect harmony You and I would be
I see no death in you
Only longing and a muse, how?




On 23rd of June in the summer of 1992

You asked me what my favourite colour was

I looked at the blood red sunset view

And I looked at your blood red BMW

I looked at my sundress and matching red shoes

I looked at your cheeks, they were red too

And I looked at the red oozing from your fresh wounds

I saw it drip from the tips of a broken wine bottle

Jagged shards holding dregs of blood and booze

The tie that you wore, too, had a blotchy red hue

And so did your face when it choked you

As I slid the broken glass into you

And like a missed train I saw your breath leave you

On 23rd of June in 1992

You asked me what my favourite colour was

And I told you it was blue

And I had lied to you

It was red that I craved, not an ugly blue

That reminds me of you or your icy eyes

Or the oceans or blueberries or the skies

Or of our little blue cottage in Peru

Or any other memory of you

I had buried long ago deep beneath

All the red rage you left in my blue little dreams

Had you asked me in the summer of 2000 instead

I’d have told you my favourite colour is red.