A sniff
Of bliss
They had said
I’d be free
Do you hear me?
Now I sin
Do you see?
I have women
And I breathe
What you forbid
And I drink
To spite
The Supreme
Do you see?
They had said
That you’d see
Once I leave
To follow
The devil’s decree
But the only eyes that look my way
Are his, whom You had cast away
And Yours my Lord,
They turn away
Do you not see?
The path I walk
Should set me free
Transgression soothes my burning brain
And keeps the blood from running stale
So I sin and I sin
Again and again
And they say and say
“We’ll set you free”
A life of bliss
They have promised me
But why does the All-Knowing never see?
They trick pure hearts
Into misery








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